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Fun and Unusual Hamster Pet Supplies

Tuesday, June 22nd, 2010

It is important for your hamsters to get sufficient exercise everyday, and there are many hamster pet supplies or toys in the market that help your little ones do just that. The most popular toys in the market include the hamster wheels, hamster balls, and cruisers. These are great compact items that fit in the hamster cages and are very affordable.

What most people do not know is that there are many other fun and unusual toys or supplies in the market that can help aid your hamster’s physical growth. Some of these supplies are bigger in size and are meant to be kept outside the hamster cage. These toys are fantastic because they allow you bond with the little critters while they are out of their cage. One good example is the Hamster Run-About Track. This clever toy is designed like a race track and keeps balls and cruisers on track. It connects a number of sections together that allows your pet to push a ball or cruiser around the track. This is a good way for you to keep an eye on your hamster while it plays because it is confined to the track and will not push the ball or cruiser all over the home and potentially get stuck between furniture fixtures.

Another fun toy that is meant to be kept outside of the cage is a Hamster House. Fashioned after a doll house, these fixtures are usually two stories high and have rooms like a regular house. For example, the upstairs area might be designed as a sleeping room and the downstairs might be a playroom where you can include some other smaller toys. Watching your little ones run around the rooms can be a lot of fun, especially if you can find a house that is transparent. Critter Trail Habitats are another unusual way to keep your hamsters healthy and happy. These are essentially a variety of funnel connector tubes and rings that come together to form interesting funneled twists and turns that allow your hamster to follow through. There is little danger of your pet getting stuck because the funnel pieces can be easily removed. While these hamster pet supplies can be placed inside the hamster cage if the cage is big enough, putting them in a common area outside the cage like in the living room or the study would be ideal as it encourages your family to bond with the hamsters everyday.